National Reach Adds Value to Notre Dame Volleyball Squad

Notre Dame vs. #8 UNC 10/14/16. Photograph by Mike Miller.

The Notre Dame Volleyball team boasts a wide variety of geographical backgrounds based on the team member’s hometowns. They include 10 different states ranging from California to Pennsylvania, and of course plenty from the Midwest.

As far as regions go, the most common areas are California (5) and the Midwest (8). It is not a coincidence that these regions are arguably the two most common regions for the sport of volleyball.

These diverse geographical backgrounds on the team also coincides with the student population at Notre Dame. In general, the student population follows a similar pattern of the team’s, with a high majority of students coming from the Midwest followed by areas such as California.

The diverse geographical regions represented on the Notre Dame Volleyball team gives the program members a unique opportunity to experience a wide variety personalities, cultures, and ways of life.